About Sheri

Sheri blog-001-BlogHi, my name is Sheri.

I’m the mother of two beautiful kids, Parker and Sabrina, ages 13 and 8.

My photography has been recognized in many venues, but the most important accolades I’ve received are being chosen for president of my “Hot Line Disco Team” when I was twelve, as well as being voted “Most Self Assured” when I was in high school. (I guess that last title could be looked at as good or bad, but I interpreted it as being confident, which is definitely a good thing when you’re a teenage girl!)

I have a weakness for sugar, shopping, and my children. I also love yoga, taking naps, and watching Documentaries. When I’m not creating photo memories for my amazing clients or doing the other things that I enjoy, I can usually be found cleaning up after my kids.

I opened my photography studio in 2008. I truly love working with every client that walks in my studio. I promise that you will love the pictures and the memories I create for you, no matter what it takes, (Benadryl, sugar, duct tape, etc.) Just kidding! I have more patience than 99% of the population, which is extremely helpful when photographing newborns and toddlers. So don’t worry about a thing, just bring your precious tots and tummies to me, and I’ll take care of the rest! I look forward to meeting you.



My Children