Lia was a typical 18 month old for her pictures… pretty uncooperative.  OK, very uncooperative.  I really do love her.  I’ve photographed Lia several times since she was born, and her pretty little face graces the cover of my CD holders.  She just wasn’t having any of it this time.  Her poor mom and grandma worked SO hard!  Well, I had her come back a second time. No mom. No grandma.  Just Lia and me.  It seemed to work much better and we ended up getting a lot of great shots!  (I never give up until we’ve got some great shots!)

How session #1 started:And how session #1 ended:But here’s a few from in between and session #2:

Mary W - August 6, 2010 - 8:52 pm

The second time is a charm! The pictures are beautiful and she has the cutest smile.

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